endless list of favourites ✿ Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron 

Take care of her, Spirit… who could not be broken.

Come back to me.

"My name is Jack Frost.

How do I know that? The Moon told me so.

But that was all he ever told me.

And that was a long, long time ago.”


She jumped on the sun. Rode it to tomorrow.

A king’s time as ruler rises and falls like the sun. One day, Simba, the sun will set on my time here.

Disney Challenge - Villains - Oh, you know what slipped my mind? You’ll be dead before you can get to her. That’s not a problem, is it?”

cute ~


In this wilderness of danger and beauty

Lived three brothers, bonded by l o v e.

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Favorite Disney Songs [7/10]  » You Can Fly! You Can Fly! You Can Fly!
… when there’s a smile in your heart. there’s no better time to start.
think of all the joy you’ll find when you leave the world behind, and bid your cares goodbye. you can fly, you can fly! you can fly!

We can travel so far as our eyes can see
We go where no one goes
We slow for no one

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